Answers to your common questions:

Typical Fraser Valley flying day:

All students and tandem passengers call 604 418-7328 (at 8am) to confirm the weather, then we meet at Exit 95 (Whatcom Rd) at 10am. It takes about one hour to drive to Exit95 from Vancouver. After introductions and a brief weather summary, we drive either to Woodside Mt. take off (another 45 minutes in a Deimos 4×4 Truck) or continue driving to Bridal Falls landing zone (LZ) – another 20 minutes. Once at Bridal Falls LZ we check the flying conditions again. If it looks flyable, we will drive up to take off (30 minutes in a Deimos 4×4 truck). Depending on conditions, an instructor or advance pilot launches first, then our students, followed by the tandem pilots and their passengers. Tandem flights can be between ten minutes to one hour long (depending on how strong the lift). Eventually we float down to the LZ landing next to the cars. This process, up to now, takes about two to three hours. If conditions are still safe, we then head back up the mountain for more flights. In some cases, tandem guests may be welcome to join us for the 4×4 truck ride back up. We recommend that all pilots provide their own food and drinks for the day, however we usually stop at the local gas station for drinks and snacks.

Q. Does a complete beginner normally do the tandem training first, or can they do the solo 1 class right away?
A. Most students start their training with a tandem flight then join our Solo V course.

Q. How long is the flight?
A. Between 10 minutes to 30 minutes long. For a small fee this time may be extended. The longest tandem flight I’ve done is 3.5 hours!

Q. Is there an expiration date on the certificates?
A. Yes, for tandem certificates -one year from the date of purchase.

Q. If he isn’t interested in this idea, can the certificates be returned for a refund?
Yes (less $25 dollars).

Q. Can the certificates be transferred or exchanged?
A. Yes (no charge for this service).

Q. Can the certificates be used for gear and a training?
A. Yes, the cash certificates may be used to purchase any of our products and service.

Q. Which site would you recommend for a first timer? Mt Woodside, Upper or Lower Bridal Falls, or Pemberton?
A. This decision is always left to the wind gods: Usually Bridal or Woodside in the spring (please see our log book for flight history).

Q. How far in advance do you have to book when you are ready to use the certificates?
A. We fly tandems on most sunny days, and weekends are fully booked around Wednesday.

Q. How safe is this?
A. About the same as riding a motorcycle.

Q. Is there anyway they will be able to either take pictures or does your company do this or a video and, if so, what is the cost?
A. You may bring your camera along for the ride (free).

Q. If I purchase a tandem flight for the weekdays will they be able to pay the difference if they want to go on a weekend?
A. Sure

Q. Would you be so kind as to let me know what your spring rates are and how far in advance I would need to book the flight.
A. Please visit our web site for rate pricing.

Q. Am I also correct in assuming that the flights are subject to weather conditions and if so, how does that process generally work? (ie: does he book a date and then get a call a day or two in advance to advise if the weather is likely to be  favorable?)

A. Yes. Once you’ve completed our reservation form, we will contact a few days before your flight date: to talk about what you need to bring, where we meet, where we plan to fly…

Q. If I were to order them this week, how long before I can have them mailed to me?
A. We can email you a soft copy in 24 hours, but the card will take about 2-3 days to create.

Q. Is there any way to have them sent by courier?
A. Sure (add $15)

Q. Is there anyway to pick up the gift certificates from your office? If so, what are your hours?
A. Sure,  up to 10pm is okay. Check here for our address

Q. I presume you don’t fly in rain or high winds.. correct?
A. Correct.