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Flying Tips

Maneuvers and Tips

Maneuvers and tips for all pilots


Novice Maneuvers (for Deimos Novice Rating Course)

** Has meet all of the HPAC novice standards

25 Flights: 10 above 250m (at least ten minutes duration)
Launch alone in up to 10 kph wind
At least one forward and reverse launch
Two 360 turns
Reversing 360 turn
Perform a standard airplane approach
Landing on feet within 30m circle
Kite forward or reverse for 3 minutes
Give verbal analysis of current conditions, possible hazards, areas of caution, flight plan and self assessment
Pass HPAC Novice exam


Deimos maneuvers

* Steering with the D’s.
* Weight shift turns.
* Steering with one hand.
* Twist around in harness.
* Big ears.
* Big ears 360 and wing overs
* Big Ears approach to 200 feet
* Small Wing overs.
* Big ears speed bar.
* Small spiral dive (two or three turns, left and right)
* One sided Big Ears and counter steer (left and right)
* Asymmetrical deflation’s and recovery (left and right)
* Full Speed bar
* Spiral dive 5 seconds (left and right)
* Small Spiral to 1000 feet
(* Required for Deimos Novice Rating)


Deimos Intermediate Requirements (P3)


** Has meet all of the HPAC intermediate standards

150 Flights: 40 below 250m (at least ten minutes duration)
Ten sites
Kite forward 5 minutes
Kite reverse 5 minutes
Intermediate exam
Basic first aid

** Big ears approach to 100 feet
**JOF Spiral (Just Over the Falls – 1G spiral dive)
** Huge wing-overs
** Has successfully completed two deep spiral dives ending with a controlled exit (on course within 90 degrees)
** 25% Accelerated asymmetrical
**50% Accelerated asymmetrical
**75% Accelerated asymmetrical
** B-line stall
** Porpoise maneuver
** Deimos “Bird in a Cage” maneuver
** Full frontal deflation’s
** 25% Accelerated frontal
** Top Landing attempt (actual landing is not required)

**** High wind pumping (top) landing (below ten feet) – soaring site maneuver only (Whidbey Island)
**** Passed GPS turn point racing course
(** Required for Deimos Intermediate Rating)


Deimos Advance Requirements (P4)


*** Has meet all of the HPAC advance standards

200 flights with 100 hours
40km XC flight
Advance exam
Basic First Aid certificate (different than the Intermediate First Aid course)

Advance Maneuvers
*** Pumping Test (for 30 seconds)
*** 50% Accelerated frontal
*** 100% Accelerated asymmetrical
*** 100% Accelerated Frontal
*** Asymmetrical spiral dive (left and right).
*** Deep spiral (exit on course with 90 degrees)
*** Croissant maneuver
*** Top landing (on feet)
*** Surfacing (soaring site maneuver)
*** Top landing using pumping method

Optional (best done over water):
**** C-line stall
**** Search for stall (flying slow).
**** Quick full stall.
**** Small spiral to 200 feet
**** Small Spiral to ground
**** Asymmetrical spiral dive (left and right).
**** Search for spin.
**** Fast spin (left and right)
**** Slow spin (left and right).
**** SAT – Stupid Aerial Trick (left and right).
**** Ass ripper
**** Tumbles
**** Loops 1000 feet
**** Loops 500 feet
**** Loops to the ground


Brave Passengers
* Titanic


* Required for Deimos Novice Rating
** Required for Deimos Intermediate Rating
*** Required for Deimos Advance Rating
**** NOT Required for Deimos Advance Rating

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