Log Book 2021

May 9

An interesting day at Bridal. Lots of spectators and five hang gliders (very rare).

As usual Alan went first followed by Ludo. I drove down right away so as to help with the landing - not much help needed this time.

Round two was when the action started. The launch was in heavy wind shadow mode, making it very tricky to get a solid wing. One pilot had some bad air and subsequently found himself about 30 feet down over the edge. With the help of Wil and others, we were able to pull himself and myself quickly back up to safety. Some pilots were flushed to the LZ in just a couple of minutes while others flew to Butterfly and back. While we waited, Ludo wrote the P2 exam and passed it. At 6:30 it seemed like conditions were not going to change, so I launch. Windy but smooth conditions.

Time for bed...

May 2

While we waited for conditions to improve, JW and I worked on the steps and the harness hanger - two more steps added!

Alan went first just to show that it was time to fly. It was a little too light still so I asked Ludo to get ready for a solo flight, but within 20 minutes it quickly went to P3 or more. Time for tandem flight number 6. We had an great flight towards Gloria then down to Butterfly and back. I was not in the mood to hike up so we spent more than half an hour trying to top land. We hit quite a few -4 to -6 m/s mixed with +5 m/s - so instead we headed in to the LZ. Laura was nice enough to drive a few of us back up.

April 29

Another great day at Bridal. The plan today was to take Roman on his first flight, and watch Ludo take his tenth solo flight. The wind techs were Martin and Alan - they both went up, so time for Ludo's launch.

Perfect forward launch (on the U-Turn Eternity).

We landed after 30+ minutes and watch Ludo's landing (slightly long). Fun stuff!


April 27

Another private lesson for Ludo. Great conditions at Diefenbaker today, allowing many little flights 

April 21

A private lesson for my newest student Roman. Hopefully a tandem flight or two this Saturday?

April 20

Another great day Bridal: if you could endure +7m/s you too could hang out at 7000' agl! For Ludo and I we were hanging out at 3000' in +2.5 m/s lift.

Ludo managed two flights with lots of Deimos challenges completed.

April 16

Finally, after almost six months we were able to take Karolina and her beautiful friends flying. Jeremy helped with a little ground schooling while we waited for the west wind. I thought, because of covid, it would be a good idea to have the girls ride up in the back; but instead they all felt a bit motion sick. All three passengers, even with an hour plus wait, still felt ill in the air.  Andrei did a fine job on his launch while Jeremy drove the down to save Andrei from driving up later – great team work – thanks JW!

I had my next two tandem flights ready to go for flights 5 and 6. Chris was a solid 270 lbs and did great on our tandem – we managed about ½ hour in light conditions. To end of the day, I flew Zach (son of Chris) and we managed about 20 minutes and some acro to polish off the day.

I have some big renews at home so can only do some training hill work on Sunday. Please sign up if you are interested.

April 11

We (Pam and Ludo) started the day at 11am with a couple hours of kiting in light east wind. Around 1:15

Fedja, JW, JP and a few others showed up so it was time to head up Bridal. We missed Alan’s and Martin’s launches but apparently, they were climbing out nicely to the east. It seemed like we had a rare convergence day so lots of lift over the LZ. Both Pam and Ludo had solid launches - after about 20 minutes I asked Pam and Ludo to start heading towards the LZ in light NW wind.  Ludo did great on his landing but Pam choose to set up a little too far back and struggled with my radio commands and landed short. Shortly after Pam landed, conditions start to switch to NE and the experienced XC pilots needed to quickly come up with a plan B that did not require big wing overs – most did quite well. Claudia was still hoping to relaunch and fly back to Woodside, however, I felt that the conditions were too difficult for further flights and probably best to simply head home. Due to Pam’s landing, I was pretty tired at this time and felt it was a good time to call it a day (no flights for me this time).

April 5 - Finally nice conditions at Bridal today.

Many pilots out today 95% from Deimos - nice to see.

Ludo had his second solo flight and was able to maintain his height to a max of 500 ' above launch.

I was his wing man and forced to do BE to stop him from getting too high. After about 30 minutes it seemed like it was getting less thermic and more windy so I ordered Ludo to land. The risky pilots decided to fly east while the rest went west - usually the best option when it becomes windy at Bridal.

April 4

I was worried that it would get too strong so we started at 9am (Bridal). Even though there were good west cycles JC still had >3m/s sink and weird winds in the LZ to add to his excitement. In short not for students, so we headed down to do some kiting. Second flights were very spicy and many pilots got high fast but also landed about 1 hr later. Ludo and I headed to the sun eastward but landed shortly. 



I had some major pain in my pre-molar and raced home to try and find some meds. Nothing was working so my dentist offer her services at 8pm and did a quick root canal. What a relief!

My dentist confirm that a rapid descent can aggravate a sensitive tooth.

March 31

A few eager pilots out today, but the East wind made our day a little harder.

Sam went first and showed us it was possible followed by Derek, Martin, Nichole, Ludo and I and finally Alan. I decided to fly East for a change and had a shorter walk back to the truck (driven by Kyle - hiker). Thanks all.

Next flying day planned is Sunday (Bridal/Woodside).



March 30 Bridal then Woodside

The one hour practice in Agassiz paid off : because Ludo aced his first solo launch and had a super soft landing. 

Around 3:30, pilots were falling out of the sky all around Agassiz - so we headed over to the LZ to see who needed a ride . I offered to drive Degas and Yasik up to launch, and in return D-man offered to drive my new RAM. At about 5 pm,  I thought it was getting a bit too late to climb up, but thankfully Ludo and I had a great tandem flight, getting to about 1500' above launch. 

Hopefully tomorrow we will go on a nice XC flight!


March 27 Diefenbaker

Epic conditions for myself, Ludo and Jeremy W.

I had a couple of straight up moments that had me nervous because I would have needed speed bar.

Ludo is ready for his first solo flight - probably this week.

March 16 Bridal Falls

My good friend OV generously offered to drive today, however before I could meet up with the group,

I needed to pick up a radio left on launch from last week, and Alan D (his car was sick).

I gave Alan a one hour head start on his hike up, while I quizzed Pam and Ludo on glide ratio and sink rates. We arrive just in time to watch Alan’s launch attempt and eventually his launch.

Pam did great on her practice launches and her real launch. With the increase in air density, Ludo and I had a very rare two step take off in light conditions. We managed to maintain our height for some time but eventually sank out. Meanwhile Alan enjoyed the cool air at 1100m – typical.

Laura and Ernie showed up later but she too had a hard time getting above launch, even with her new wing.


U-turn reports the following wings in stock:


Infinity 5 size S is available in Color 1, 2 and 3

Crossrock size S is available in Color 2 and 3

Eternity size S is available in Color 1, 4 and 5


Infinity 5 size M is available in Color 1 (Color 2 and 3 will be available in around 4 weeks again)

Crossrock size M in Color 1 and 2

Eternity size M is available in Color 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (please note that Colors 1-3 are no longer being produced, only Colors 4, 5 and 6).

Bridal Road Condition: we were able to drive all the way up today.

March 13 Diefenbaker

Training at Diefenbaker with Pam JW and JC.

March 12 Bridal Falls

Light east wind in the Bridal LZ so new student Ludo, JC and JW did a little kiting while we waited. After 45 minutes it was time to head up.

Switchy conditions so Ludo and I went first followed by JW. JC offered to drive that that made it easy (no hiking needed). We had about 1hr in smooth air and JW had about 25 minutes.


Road condition:

My new truck has street tires so we had to stop on the last icy steep section and hike the last 10 minutes.

The snow should be gone in a week or so.

Feb 24 Woodside


Degas said he is not into hiking and snowy launches so we headed to Woodside (instead of Bridal with 8" just on launch. A good call, already a half dozen above launch.

I join them until my fingers got too cold then top landed. After about ten minutes pilots were dropping below launch so I felt it best to just drive down and hopefully get to play with my squash friends at 5.

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