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New from Supair

Leaf 3

Leaf 3 Light





Instructor Recert / new instructor course

planned for late spring.

Location: Bridal Falls or Savona


Please email if you are interested.

604 418-7328

Tom Clark


What's new from U-Turn?

(from the designer Ernst)

Hi Tom, how are you…?

we are just on the way to make certification on the new Emotion 4…. Eternity 2 and Annapurna 2.

late spring we will finish a new Tandem glider…

38 and 42 sqm… and the 38 sqm in light version…

we have finish also our rescue system portfolio with the Backup QX 130 and QX 150 and the Backup X 220

this new concept is in the moment the best rescues system in the world! please take a look to the drop test.

is made with 140kg Load on the rescue system !! so you see absolutely no shuttle and an incredible sink rate and this with 140kg load !!

so the landing is like a jump from the chair :- )))


wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year !!

cheers, Ernst


the first shipment has just arrived!

Call Tom for a test ride

604 418-7328


The Deimos Store is now on-line


The new light weight

UTurn Obsession 5 is now available!

Ludo needs just a couple more days to finish his P2 rating

Jeremy Wright just completed his P3 and P4 rating!



What's up at U-Turn?

From Ernst (head U-Turn designer)

Hi TC, we working strongly on finish our Xone project with Shawn… new beginner motor glider.

At U-Turn we work at the latest A and B line…as well on a Speedglider and an new Everest…

Also working on a highperformance motor wing…

XJourney pics. In the mail :- ))


New is also the Obsession 5 the low B in light version…

Rescue system 130 and 150 and 220 :- )))

Cheers, Ernst




Official supplier for the following:

  • AVA Sport

  • Pro Design

  • Charly

  • Flytec

  • Skyline

  • Supair

  • U-Turn

Please contact Tom Clark if you require a formal estimate.

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