The Deimos Store is now on-line


The new light weight

UTurn Obsession 5 is now available!

Ludo needs just a couple more days to finish his P2 rating

Jeremy Wright just completed his P3 and P4 rating!



What's up at U-Turn?

From Ernst (head U-Turn designer)

Hi TC, we working strongly on finish our Xone project with Shawn… new beginner motor glider.

At U-Turn we work at the latest A and B line…as well on a Speedglider and an new Everest…

Also working on a highperformance motor wing…

XJourney pics. In the mail :- ))


New is also the Obsession 5 the low B in light version…

Rescue system 130 and 150 and 220 :- )))

Cheers, Ernst




Official supplier for the following:

  • AVA Sport

  • Pro Design

  • Charly

  • Flytec

  • Skyline

  • Supair

  • U-Turn

Please contact Tom Clark if you require a formal estimate.